A group of companies focused on business engineering in the construction industry.

Cemdez Construction

The construction company's mission is to provide complete solutions for construction, constantly investing in skills and competence, improving the performance of their works with the use of new technology, meeting the needs of comfort and safety of their customers, all with commitment and responsibility, accumulating tradition and reputation. 'Most of what works, build relationships, we build and realize dreams.'

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We work with innovative performance specializing in real estate sector for development, deployment, development, construction, sale and purchase of real estate.

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Business Engineering

Developing and implementing new business solutions and concepts for the construction market, sanitation and underground networks through processes and systems focused on technology and organizational structure.

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Cemdez Events

The CemDez events, comes with the proposal to provide complete and innovative solutions in corporate events and conventions for postings estate company, serving the public and private sectors, ranging from the creation, development, production, organization and execution of actions within the event .